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Antwerp, [22/01/2020] – Skeer, boomer or yeet … For many adults these words don’t mean a thing, but for our youth it is everyday language. Youth platform TAGMAG and sales house Transfer are joining forces to target advertisement more specifically to the needs and wishes of young people.


Young people are an extremely difficult target group for advertisers. New slang, products or apps gain a lot of popularity. Youth platform TAGMAG knows how to address the youth like no other just by using cool content. Entertainment, technology, news and heavy sh!t; these are some of the categories on the web page of TAGMAG. It is simply thé place to be for online video reports of the most popular influencers and celebrities in the music-, film-, gaming-, sports-, event- and lifestyle industry.

Next to traditional TV campaigns and creative non-spot cases, Transfer has also taken steps in the online world. The thematic sales house reaches conventional and atypical target groups for all its clients. Transfer is unique in this area within the Belgian advertising market. With this new collaboration, Transfer and TAGMAG offer strong cross-media campaigns to their clients.  Young people and social media go hand in hand, just like TAGMAG and Transfer.  Transfer will form a logical extension to the content that TAGMAG produces for her loyal community. The content that TAGMAG provides, both on their website and on social media, will be supported by the creative advertisements Transfer offers.


Bjorn Van der Cruyssen, TAGMAG Business Development Manager:

“Through TAGMAG, our online platforms we reach 3/4th of the target group 16-24 years every month. We now link the power of TV to generate an even bigger impact on campaigns. We are very much looking forward to setting up these cross-media partnerships with Transfer!”


Michel Dupont, General Manager Transfer:

“We are very pleased with this new collaboration. The power of digital and TV is completely amplified this way. We are delighted that we will understand this hard-to-reach target group better and hope to be able to pass on this knowledge to our clients.”


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