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How your digital campaign is meant to be.

Our digital offer

Besides classic TV campaigns and creative non-spot cases, we offer two different types of digital propositions. Transfer manages the online activities for channels such as National Geographic, Cartoon Network, etc. We also provide digital advertising space for all the different brands under The Walt Disney Company. How about we meet up and we clarify what your brand needs? 

Transfer digital

Why advertise digitally, you say? We got you! Read about our Digital arguments here.

Digital arguments

Technical Specifications

No game plan without some rules and specifications. 

Tech Specs

Ratecard digital offer

Prices, supplements, discounts and indices, you’ll find here.


Trueview ad format (skippable)

Our skippable in-stream format gives advertisers the opportunity to target the right audience at the right time. Viewers can skip the advertisement after 5s. Advertisers only pay for ads that are viewed in their entirety or until 30s have elapsed. The biggest advantage for advertisers is that we can link Disney’s 1st party data in TrueView Auction buying via Google Ads. Targeting can be very detailed from demographic, parental status,… to life events, various topics, etc..

Reserved ad format (non-skippable)

This format can be bought as video-roll if <20s and skippable if >20s or bumper ≤6s. Buying on a reservation basis let’s you buy impressions at a fixed rate (fixed CPM) and gives advertisers a guaranteed level of impressions. This gives advertisers more control, higher visibility , and reach. Our reserved format is a fantastic way to contextually target an engaged audience . Our contextual targeting with our contextual targeting means we can help you explore new category entry points and expand your penetration.

Transfer Digital offer non skippable ads


We send out new offers and deals, channel information, event tickets, competitions, non-spot opportunities or simply the latest programs to watch. Stay tuned to our Transfer News!

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