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Transfer Media was created as a joint venture between Fox Networks Group (FNG) and the local managers Birgitta De Smet and Koenraad Deridder. Launching in November 2011 with only 3 employees and 3 channels, Transfer Media was established as the only national sales house for premium television in Belgium on kids and adult channels. Rocking as your premium advertising partner, we team up with the most important thematic channels in Belgium to boost your brand online, on air and on the big screen. About a decade later, our video powerhouse motto still aims to support brands with fans.

From tv to video sales house

Our team expanded pretty rapidly, as well as partnerships with major Belgian and international media groups (A+E Networks, Concentra, Disney, FOX Networks Group, PMG, TF1, Roularta, Turner, Viacom, Vice, etc). Since March 2019, FNG became part of the media group The Walt Disney Company. With an impressive shareholder such as Disney, opportunities rose! We upgraded our digital offers, working closely with TWDC and YouTube, to make every video platform accessible for your brand. As your advertising partner, the world of video advertising is only one click away!

Award-winning content

Transfer Media already won multiple awards like “Best Belgian Sales House for Television” by the United Media Agencies (UMA), a Gold AMMA for “Best Belgian Media Saleshouse” in 2013 and a Silver AMMA Award in 2020. Illustrating our excellence in creative projects like ‘Behind The Science’ or ‘Vennbahn’, we also won other local awards like Epica, CCB, BOA, Euprio (best European communication for universities and high schools) and Das Goldene Stadttor (best worldwide communication in travel). Our platforms, your playground!

The House of Thematics

Our building has been the haven to many different professions and crafts. From being a horse stable and brewery in 1893, to becoming a wine warehouse in the 1920s, later even turning into a movie set and a creative agency. It already proved its meaningful history. Today, our building is home to local and international thematic channels. Our house is your destination for exciting on air, online and big screen opportunities. Experience The Magic of Thematics with us!

Transfer Media X: Thank you for X epic years

Ten years of incredible partners, amazing thematics and a stunning team at Transfer Media! To celebrate this iconic anniversary, Transfer Media welcomed all partners to thematic grounds for an unforgettable celebration. From fire breathers to neon performances, the night was lit up and everyone glowed crazy. Watch the magical aftermovie here and relive the night!


A special thanks to Keep It Quiet, Plein Publiek, Likor, Champagne Nominé-Renard, Tim Grand and Sir Charles SAX ME for helping us create the magic of thematic!


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