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Blending Perfect Brand Partnerships.

The perfect mayonnaise unites and blends all the ingredients to create a harmonious mix.  This new department from Transfer Media called Mayo Media will do the same for you. We are committed to craft creative solutions that will bring synergy, creativity, and premium impact to your brand.

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Our Vision

Let’s dream of a world where brand partnerships are as smooth as the perfect mayonnaise: where the unique expertise and flavor of each partner are combined. Thanks to these amazing friends, we ensure that our services not only meet, but exceed expectations without unnecessary expenses. We work very closely with our partners, and adapt our strategy to your needs, so it feels like only one brand is talking. Your brand. 41% of our Flemish citizens prefers Mayonnaise as the perfect sauce on their fries and we Belgians know what’s good…

Sounds like Premium to us!

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Mayo Media expertise

Exclusive Events

Transfer Media throws tailor-made events that align with our partner’s wildest wishes, together with a dash of UGC magic to seamlessly connect brands with the best movie releases in town! A big thank you goes out to our partnerships with KeepItQuiet, Pepperblend and Brightstyle.

Event Cases
Branded Content

Mayo Media is the ideal match for a collaboration with our thematic channels. Sports, business, kids, nature, and more are some of the topics within the Transfer Media portfolio. These partnerships create dynamic branded content, including advertorials and a variety of billboard opportunities.

Branded Cases

Why collab?


Transfer Media itself was established as the only national sales house for premium television in Belgium on kids and adult channels. We team up with the most important thematic channels to boost your brand online, on air, and on the big screen.


Just like different ingredients make the perfect mayonnaise, our multiplex of unique partners create the perfect blend for your brand.


With this original brand partnerships department, we inject a dose of creativity into your brand. All Belgians drown their fries in it, so Mayonnaise Media will immerse your brand with the attention it deserves.


The power of mayonnaise is in its supplementary quality. To exist, mayonnaise requires something that needs a little extra. And you’ve guessed it right, that’s where we come in!


We send out new offers and deals, channel information, event tickets, competitions, non-spot opportunities or simply the latest programs to watch. Stay tuned to our Transfer News!

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