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Transfer’s Thrilling Year in Review!

By 18/10/2023November 14th, 2023No Comments

Our entire Transfer team has been up to some exciting things! General Manager Michel Dupont recently sat down with MediaMarketing to engage in a captivating interview and share his insights. Here’s a ‘lil recap:

Awesome Achievements

2023 was a rocky year until now for a lot of businesses, yet we soared to a +10% growth in the past year! Shout out to our steady tv, impressive digital offers and a booming cinema business.

Innovative Partnerships

Say hello to our dynamic duo with Precise TV – making it a breeze to reach young audiences on the popular platform YouTube. Not just kids‘ stuff, by the way: e-sports, gaming and even more exciting AD-ventures await!

Cinema Sensation

Our collaboration with UGC cinemas left skeptics speechless. The cinema industry is thriving. Competition adds spice, and brand new market study with CIM is on the horizon. More good times ahead!

Creative Transformation

Our Marketing Team is on the move, bringing creativity into the Sales Team. Watch out for exciting collaborations! Kids Day was just the beginning. We are exploring creative partnerships that will fit like a glove.

What’s Next? 

We are here to maintain our 10-15% commercial share and embrace organic growth. 2024? Expect the unexpected! TV remains our core, cinema’s on the rise, and our kids’ segment is on fire. Digital, and beyond – Stay tuned for the limitless possibilities.

Transfer team - Michel Dupont

Michel Dupont

General Manager

“We are confident in our media offer. TV remains our core, we establish our commitment to cinema and aim to perpetuate the kids business.  And we continue to work on a digital offer. Digitally there are so many possibilities and we don’t think have been fully explored yet.”

Read the full MM interview here


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