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Happy anniversary!

By 09/10/2023October 12th, 2023No Comments

100 years of wonder.

Not just a celebration,

but a journey through a century

of imagination, creativity and wonder!

“It all started with a mouse…”


Time flies when you are having fun and spreading magical moments everywhere! As part of The Walt Disney Company, our Transfer team is beyond grateful to be part of this milestone of a celebration. It’s been a whole century since Walt brought the enchantment of animation to life with none other than our favorite Mouse.

We’re so excited for this once-in-a-lifetime celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary! Whether you’re visiting the parks or having a magical movie night at home, remember that Disney is not just a brand; it’s a feeling, a bond, and a lifetime of enchanting memories. Here’s to another century of family, fun, and magic.

We start off with a bang full of sparkles! Prepare to be enchanted as Disney brings a brand new tale of wonder and wishes to your favorite screen. Its heartwarming stories take you on a magical journey where dreams come true, and the impossible becomes possible.

What’s cookin’, good lookin’?

Those of you attending our Kids Day, listened to our colleague Jelle Vermeijden introducing the new collab between Albert Heijn and Disney. Thanks to a 360° campaign, you can become a Disney chef with the Magic Cookbook aka “Het Magische Kookboek“, helping Remy making his favorite Ratatouille! This creative partnership focused in Belgium and The Netherlands. Watch the cute commercial here.

Wishing upon a Wish

Disney brings to life, the enchanting story of Asha & Star. Produced and written by the creators of Frozen, Disney takes us on a magical advetnure to the Kingdom of Rosas. Mark your calendars to visit your favorite cinema (ahum, UGC!) on November 22! Watch the trailer here.


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