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Your House of Thematics

By 17/11/2023November 21st, 2023No Comments
Transfer spotlight - House of Thematics

Happy 12th anniversary!

Here at Transfer, we aim to make your brand bigger and brighter. As a national sales house, we provide advertising space on the most premium thematic television channels in Belgium. With unique and extraordinary partners such as The Walt Disney Company and Precise.TV, we offer impressive digital opportunities to boost your brand online. Thanks to UGC, we put your brand in the Belgian movie theaters.

The power of video combining online, on air and on the big screen, that’s Transfer.

Thematic tv 12 years

Thematic tv

Launching in November 2011 with only 3 employees and 3 channels, Transfer was established as the only national sales house for premium television in Belgium on kids and adult channels. Rocking as your premium advertising partner, we team up with the most important thematic channels in Belgium to boost your brand online, on air and on the big screen. 

Today we can proudly claim a 12 percent commercial market share both in the north and south of our beloved country!

Kids world

Kids are cool with Transfer! 

That’s why it is so important to understand their needs and interests. Thanks to Human8’s research, Transfer knows how. We already spilled a sneak peek of the upcoming Generation Alpha during our Kids Day, the cool crew destined to shape our future.

Get ready to see what’s next in 2024!

Kids bday post
Precise tv bday post

Digital drive

Precise.TV and Transfer have teamed up in a new collab that will redefine the way we experience digital content. It’s a match made in heaven!

The partnership will change the way we connect with Generation Alpha on one of their favorite platforms, YouTube.

With the power of AI technology, we can now analyze millions of YouTube videos daily. This analysis provides us with various insights, enabling us to target like never before.

We Are Cinema

17% more fun in 2023!

UGC cinema’s sees a jaw-dropping 17% increase in visitors in 2023 (week 1 – week 44 via CIM UGC entries 2023). Move over 2022 we are taking it to the next level!

UGC Brussels is leading the show, but UGC Antwerp is not far behind! With our Young & Urban feel, we rock the film industry on 74 screens across 7 complexes, creating cinematic experiences in Flanders and Brussels.

Cinema bday post
Mayo Media bday post

Blending brand partnerships

Mayo Media you say?

With this brand partnerships department, we inject a dose of creativity into your brand. Thanks to our premium partnerships, we bring your creative campaign online, on air, trough events and on the big screen, where it is impossible to miss.


We send out new offers and deals, channel information, event tickets, competitions, non-spot opportunities or simply the latest programs to watch. Stay tuned to our Transfer News!

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