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Content is king, creativity is queen

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Transfer Humans De Mensen

Transfer x Humans

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Attention is valuable, especially now that the battle for televisions audience seems most significant. That is precisely why Transfer started a collaboration with production company Humans, part of De Mensen. To spark creativity, storytelling and refreshing advertising concepts in the media, Transfer and De Mensen join forces. Starting in November, Humans and Transfer get together to make stories and brands even more powerful among advertisers.

Humans was launched in August with the ambition to blow a new wind in the advertising world. They focus on local talent to present an extraordinary story as a good storyteller. As the sales house for most theme channels on travel, nature, music, etc., offers Transfer the ideal playground for developing new concepts. Thematic channels are close with their viewers. They reach a grateful audience that is reactive to both content and commercials. The capacity that Transfer can offer is fully complementary to the creative possibilities of Humans.


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All collaborations with Transfer are considered an asset for the advertiser. Partnerships like these ensure that the channel commercial space fills in a non-traditional way. For example the full block advertisement: the full length of the commercial block will is devoted to the advertiser. In these times, such types of offers immediately appeals to the audience. It creates a fresh twist to the content of the channel. Another example focuses on the thematic content that Transfer reaches, to which the advertiser associates with. For example, 13ème Rue specifies to exciting top series, XITE to music clips, Dobbit to DIY, etc. In this perspective, the creative possibilities seem endless.

De Mensen is the production company behind “Undercover”, “Beau Séjour” and “Reizen Waes” that distributes programs to various Flemish and French-speaking broadcast groups in Belgium. Together with Transfer they reach the entire Belgian media spectrum. Find more information on the website:

Transfer is the sales house for thematic television and video, both in the north and in the south of Belgium. Transfer represents National Geographic, Plattelands TV, MTV, Cartoon Network, Vice TV, FOX, … Since the acquisition of 21st Century FOX by Disney in March 2019, the main shareholder of Transfer is The Walt Disney Company. Find more information on the website:


Premium package


In light of this new and extraordinary partnership with our Human friends, we’d like to present you with an exceptional offer. We truly believe content is king and creativity is queen, that’s why we’ve created a package just for you. Do you believe in stories just as much as we do? Do you believe advertisement shouldn’t know any creative boundaries? Click here for more information!


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