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We are thrilled to announce that as of January 1st 2021, the commercialization of the Disney Channels (Flanders / Wallonia) will be represented by yours truly. This way, we’re expanding our kids-market-horizon!

The commercialization of these new channels will focus on kids 4-14 as well as on PRP 18-54, with spot and non-spot possibilities. The Disney Channels rate exceptionally well, both in Flanders with a 7% market share (kids 4-14) and in Wallonia with 12.1%. Thanks to these powerful channels, the commercial kids share of Transfer increases up to 40% in the North and 51.2% in the South. More than ever, we’re trying to make the advertising market dynamic: next to the north and south market, it is now also the kids’ market’s turn!

Michel Dupont, General Manager: “It is of course a huge asset to be able to welcome this important brand to our channel portfolio. The whole team is working hard to maintain a 10% commercial market share on PRP 18-54, and this news brings a healthy balance back to the kids market. The Disney Channels are very complementary within our present offer”.

Susan Van Geenen, VP Media Networks Benelux – The Walt Disney Company: “We are very excited that all of The Walt Disney Company channels are now represented by Transfer. As of January 2021, Transfer will be the established creative partner for the Disney Channels. Together we strive to take our Disney Channels to a higher commercial level and to increase our market share within the Belgian kids market”.


Also, we’re teaming up with NBCUniversal to launch the science-fiction channel Syfy on the Belgian market later this year. Its big brother 13ème Rue has already proven its value on the Southern market. By launching this new and unique thematic channel, we truly are your “House of Thematics”. 2021 will be a very eventful year, since the Viacom channels will no longer be present in our channel portfolio. Their departure will naturally make way for new and upcoming channels, such as Syfy.

* Souce : CIM Audimetrie : 2020YTD, 06 :00-20 :00 ; 04-14 TTVSHR%.

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