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#VisitBelgium Transfer


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With all the Corona-awareness dividing our country, we would like to focus on certain important aspects. Our economy needs time to heal and restore and unfortunately “back to normal” is a luxury not all industries are granted. As one of the only national sales houses, we are strong believers in heroes: big and small ones! We believe the Belgian media needs to support each other and show solidarity. We’re in this together, so we need to help each other out. Our Belgian touristic industry was knocked out pretty hard and has suffered enormously. This is why we created the

#VisitBelgium Transfer


#VisitBelgium Transfer

Today is our National Holiday, and we would like to celebrate with you! Launching on August 1st, we’re planning premium blocks on all of our Belgian channels (North and South!) to favor our Belgian tourism. We invited brands to carry out an act of kindness during these weird and uncertain times, to protect and support our Belgian touristic industry. We would like to focus on local and regional tourism, that can use every bit of support during COVID-period. In collaboration with valuable advertisers who agreed to fund the breaks, we wanted to highlight all the beauty that our own country has to offer.

Our Belgian thematic channels show a high affinity with local content: travel (Eclips/Evenaar/PlattelandsTV), home (Dobbit), reportages (Kanaal Z/Canal Z) and feelgood (Ment/Studio100). We want to demonstrate our Belgian pride and solidarity and challenged different advertisers and sponsors to do the same. Small actions make a big difference if you add them up.

A hùùùge shout-out to Engie, Trivago  and Belviva for their partnership in this encouraging format. The content provided by regional advertisers will be available on air for a month. Check our Belgian channels on August 1st to watch these premium breaks.


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