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Cinema is running like butter!

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Ending the year with a pop

Good news to all our movie-lovers,
Cinema is on roll and we are ending 2022 with a bang - or should we say a pop(corn)!

From now on, Transfer has access to MDB numbers & figures.
This means our analyses will be better which will make your campaigns SHINE on the big screen !
Here are some of our amazing figures to end 2022 with cinematic fireworks:

We are starting the great news with announcing that cinema investments are back.
The investments have returned with already 1.6Mio€ booked since the beginning of 2022!

Source: Nielsen MDB

Thanks to the amazing movie releases in 2022, UGC Belgium attracted already 1.74Mio visitors this year. A big shout-out to all movielovers for supporting the big screen! And for 2023, even more cinematic masterpieces are coming to a UGC near you.

Source: Nielsen MDB

Top Gun Maverick, The Minions 2, SpiderMan: No Way Home,
Zillion and The Batman make the TOP 5 movies of UGC.
This confirms the complementarity in the profiles of our movie fans
which means our fans come from all walks of life!
These movies only reached to top thanks to these amazing fans of cinema. 

Source: Nielsen MDB

And that’s not all folks, 2023 has a LOT of amazing releases in store for us!
Do you want to jump on the cinema train with us?
Contact our cinema expert Sophie by clicking the button below!



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