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By May 25, 2021May 26th, 2021No Comments
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Besides classic TV campaigns and creative non-spot cases, we already manage the online activities for channels such as National Geographic, Cartoon Network, etc. As of now, we will be the first sales house in Belgium to sell digital advertising space for all the different brands under The Walt Disney Company on YouTube.

Premium Content

World class label and outstanding quality.

Brand Safety

Content is vetted in-house to ensure a brand safe environment.

Incredible Reach

Available reach of 19million impressions per month in Belgium on average.

Quality Performance

Opportunity for brands to deepen their connection with consumers through storytelling.

Transfer - TWDC

Thanks to this partnership and under the careful guidance of Maxim Dockx, Account Manager in the sales team of Stefan Hougaerts, advertisers will be able to purchase video advertising space on all the different YouTube channels associated with The Walt Disney Company.

This huge Disney network includes well-known brands such as Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, ESPN, etc., but also channels around theme parks, products or stores are covered within Transfer's new digital portfolio. This leads to an average monthly inventory of 19 million Belgian impressions. An amazing opportunity for advertisers who value and prioritize brand safety and quality!

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