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Hello Radio!

Say hello to radio!

We are delighted to announce that as of April 2024 your favorite sales house will add radio to their portfolio! Together with Mediabrouwers, we’re providing the commercial airtime of several thematic regional radio stations in Flanders.

Welcome Radio 

Welcome Radio 

Welcome Radio 

Welcome Radio 

Welcome Radio 

Welcome Radio 

Since our origin, we have been focusing on thematic channels and a decade later our portfolio includes more than 30 channels, both in Flanders and Wallonia. Our House of Thematics offers a strong ad-representation on five pilars within the Belgian media: 30+ thematic channels on Belgian television, a solid position as leader on the kids television market, a new digital video offer via The Walt Disney Company and Youtube, a brand partnership department via Mayonnaise Media and an incredible partnership with UGC for the Belgian cinema.

Get ready to choose from three exciting packages (bronze, silver, and gold) with our ‘easy buying’ approach! At Transfer, we’re all about bringing together a diverse group of challengers to create something amazing. Belgium’s rich and varied radio landscape offers us a golden opportunity to harness this diversity. Each regional radio station has its own unique DNA, making the purchasing process very easy and giving you access to vibrant radio communities deeply connected with their listeners.

“This collaboration represents a significant milestone for Transfer and marks our pursuit of diversification and growth. We are confident that our radio program will be a valuable addition to the current media landscape.”

  • Michel Dupont, General Manager at Transfer

“The radio launch of Transfer offers new opportunities for advertisers and listeners in the northern part of Belgium. We’re excited to introduce this new offering to our audience and can’t wait to see their response.”

  • Tom Maeckelbergh and Bart De Jonge, General Managers at mediabrouwers

Some numbers

Trust, engagement & community

3x more trusted than digital ads

60% of radio advertising is reliable

4x the level of brand trust as campaigns that don’t feature radio

Synergy with other media

1.5x more attention

Advertising on radio prior to television can increase the effectiveness of a television ad, in particular its moment of peak branding, by up to 31%

Emotional connection & attention

Feel-good audio ads change consumer behavior and deliver long-lasting brand effects

Audio ads stimulate high levels of attention

There is more! Discover our entire media offer by clicking the button below.



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