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More trust in e-commerce thanks to TV advertising

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Half of Belgium buys online every month

Almost all Belgians aged 18 and older buy online. They are familiar with various web shops and put their trust in these companies thanks to TV. Without that trust, online purchasing would not be this popular. In December 2020 VIA and Screenforce conducted a study (executed by Ruigrol NetPanel) on e-commerce purchasing behavior of Belgians and the Dutch. In addition, the role of different media in this behavior was also analyzed.

Confidence in successful product delivery

Advertising on TV, both in Belgium and in the Netherlands, contributes to building trust and confidence that the purchase will be successful. The statement “I am more confident that the products I order will actually be delivered” has 28% of respondents agreeing when the web shop advertises on TV.

First introduction and staying top of mind

Traditional media such as TV plays an important role in brand building. These types of media increase brand salience, reach the right people in the right place at the right time, provide an emotional response and increase campaign ROI. This means that traditional media such as TV often do the ‘preparatory work’ in the marketing funnel to make a brand top-of-mind. Almost half of all Belgians (46%) strongly agree with the statement “I have been introduced to a web shop through a TV ad”.

TV advertising is more trustworthy

Because web shops without physical stores are entirely virtual, trust is very important. How do brand build this kind of trust? 17%f othe respondents in Belgium,  strongly agreed with the statement “I think web shops advertising on TV are more reliable than web shops that don’t”. Advertising ensures that this trust increases even more. Of those surveyed, 22% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I trust web shops that don’t have physical stores more when they advertise on TV”.

The share of e-commerce in our total revenue is the biggest, comparing all TV sales houses in Belgium in 2022. Our clients bring their web shop on thematic air, because they want the conversion results brought online. E-commerce customers loooove to watch our channels! Transfer is your conversion-go to. Our thematic channels deliver the attention your product deserves. Contact our sales team if you want to improve your e-commerce!
Transfer e-commerce conversion
Figure 1: Transfer 2022 e-commerce in total revenue vs. other sales houses in Belgium


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