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Back to school with Transfer!

By 01/09/2022November 9th, 2022No Comments

Let your kids-brand shine

Does your brand need to reach the right KIDS audience?
Transfer is your advertising partner with special insights to highlight a magical kids offer.

Landscape of commerical kids channels in Belgium 2022 (Jan-Jun)


The Kids TV market in Belgium consists of seven TV channels in Flanders and six TV channels in Wallonia (+ two channels with limited daily kids offer).

Transfer is currently the leading sales house on the kids market in Belgium representing Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Studio100 TV. Amazing news for your campaigns and a perfect way to highlight your brand.

Check our kids channels here.

Source: CIM/Nielsen/Transfer, live (consolidated), total day, Comshr% based on GRP, all 4-14, 01/01/2022-30/06/2022


Loyalty is gaining ground as kids watch Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Studio 100 TV for almost 59 minutes each day in our country.

This is 9 minutes more in comparison with 2021 and this on a DAILY basis! A national growth of +16% on our channels is absolutely amazing! Transfer is proud to have the best viewers of their represented kids channels.

(+16% Viewing Time in minutes of Cartoon Network + Disney Junior + Disney Channel + Studio 100 TV, national, Period Jan-June 2022 versus 2021 North, 4-14 years old, 6:00-20:00)


The kids audience is declining on the generalist channels but is consolidating on the kids channels . Over the period January-June 2022, the audience for the channels marketed by Transfer increased significantly.

In the North:

  •      + 14% reach Jan-June 2022 versus 2021

In the South:

  •      + 4% reach Jan-June 2022 versus 2021

This means Transfer is doing even better than last year and more and more kids are watching our fantastic channels. And the best part is: there’s even more of your favorite kids shows ready in the second half of this year! Ready to beat another record?

(+ 14% Reach Jan-June 2022 versus 2021 North, 4-14 years old, 6:00-20:00)
(+ 4% Reach Jan-June 2022 versus 2021, South, 4-14 years old, 06:00-20:00)

If you want to reach these amazing viewers through our channels,
don’t hesitate to contact our kids expert Christine Vermeulen! ✨ 

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