At the Transfer Kids Day on September 21, Joeri Van den Bergh from the research agency Human8 unleashed a fascinating study of Gen-Alpha. The research done in Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia) and the Netherlands with 1,200 kids and their parents, explored a bunch of interesting topics about this generation.

The study explored a wide range of topics related to this generation, from their career aspirations and media usage to their favorite brands and their attitude towards entrepreneurship. The findings provided valuable insights into the behavior of this digitally adept generation.

Held in the enchanting Tivoli Castle, the event also featured captivating kids’ channel presentations and panel discussions with experts providing the key to understanding Generation Alpha even more effectively. It emphasized the importance of intergenerational dialogues to better comprehend and, above all, engage with this new generation.

A big thank you goes out to our amazing partnership with Keep It Quiet for creating this experience with us.


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