Cartoon Network is a kid’s getaway for non-stop fun, laughter and adventure. It is the global, multiplatform entertainment brand providing space for kids to laugh out loud, stretch their imagination and be comfortable with who they are. We created a unique partnership between Cartoon Network’s hero BEN 10 and Lego. Every year Cartoon Network creates an innovative, challenge-centric game competition around superhero Ben 10.

The game connects Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 brand with young, tech-loving fans through a fun and creative coding game. Kids can immerse themselves in the Ben 10 coding web game that will put their creative and logic skills to test through 28 different levels, collecting points and transforming into Ben 10 aliens. Lego City challenged kids to surf to their favorite Cartoon Network website (Dutch or French) and play the game. It’s Hero Time!


Cartoon Network



What we did

Cross Media Campaign with Ben 10


On air from September 7th till October 7th 2020. A creative bumper ident of 15” at the beginning of an ad-break with Cartoon Network & Ben10 Omnicode graphics, communicating a partnership with Lego.


  • A total of 150 bumper idents on Cartoon Network, per area (Flanders and Wallonia)
  • A total of 50 000 preroll on Cartoon Networks website
  • A total of 300 000 bumper ident as TrueviewAd on Cartoon Network’s YouTube Channel