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Passion for strong emotions and unforgettable moments.

Fiction, sport, captivating documentaries, … Pickx+ is bringing you the best shows and entertainment possible. They captivate people with emotional storylines, excite you with the sports that move, and want you to grab the popcorn for yet another blockbuster or a masterpiece in niche cinema. You can see the new and the classics, as long as they are the best in their league.

Pickx+ is part in the viewers life. That’s why they adapt to what’s happening around us. Thematics are leading when it’s moving their viewers. If it’s not in programming, then it’s in the channels look & feel. And this doesn’t just mean they add some snow on Christmas.

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Wherever you are, whenever you want. Binge Pickx+’s content on tv and imagine yourself in your very own movie theater

  • From John Wick 4 to the Oscar winner ‘The Whale’. The best movies, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Wherever and whenever you want.
  • Captivating documentaries such as “Project One” with Lewis Hamilton, sports magazines with in-depth analyses and debates and a weekly live appointment with the top matches from the UEFA Champions League, cyclo-cross, hockey or many other sports.
  • Who shines on the red carpet at Cannes and who wins the Emmy for best series ? The events that matter, broadcasted live and exclusively. Putting you in the front row seat.
  • Fargo, Hostages and The Good Girls Club. Just a few of the many hit series you can binge for free in their on demand offering.


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