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Happy Earth Day with Disney Channel!

Disney Channel x Transfer
Earth Day!

April 22nd is Earth Day! And that’s why we’re putting planet Earth in the spotlight on our thematic channels. We’re celebrating this special day with Disney Channel Benelux with a 60-second spot in several Belgian UGC movie theaters. The spot shows how daily habits, even the smallest ones, help us preserve the earth!

Earth Day is an important yearly event where the world reflects on the influence our lifestyle has on our beloved Mother Earth. Disney Channel Benelux supports this by inspiring children, too. Because children love their mommies, including Mommy Earth, right? The channel reflects on how we can all take care of the earth as good as possible, now and in the future. As part of Mooimakers‘ (the Flemish initiative against litter and illegal waste dumping) Spring Cleanup and in an effort to combat litter, a recycled artwork by Lefki Mevissen is displayed at activity center Technopolis.

Take care of the earth” is the theme of Earth Day 2022. Transfer also supports this vision. We believe it’s time to choose for a sustainable future. So let’s restore nature and build a healthy planet for our loved ones. After all, taking care of our planet is taking care of the future of our kids! What’s your good habit for a better environment?


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