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Ment Transfer

Ment TV makes you sing and dance with mainly local music and the occasional retreat to French and German music. It’s a true feelgood music channel. The joy this channel brings creates a community feeling. Moreover, by bringing celebrities closer to the audience, they build the feeling of coming home. The channel focuses on Flemish and Dutch music in combination with big international names.


Besides music, Ment also broadcasts talkshows with Flemish celebrities, groups and artists. Furthermore, the channel collaborates closely with several event organizations, which brings their audience even closer to them and the artists. This feeling of being close to artists and presenters enhances the connection viewers experience. Thanks to this, the channel has a very strong fan base, which translates itself in a loyal audience.




The programming consists mostly of Flemish music. This includes both shows, videoclips and charts. Furthermore, the channel broadcasts interviews and events and is only available in Flanders:

  • De Hitprofessor
  • Léééf!
  • Al-1-maar-hits
  • De Vlaamse Top 10
  • Hadiemicha
  • 100 seconden


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