Ad’spirational Friday | November

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Transfer inpsired


Hello, my name is Eline and this is my Ad’spirational Friday!

Coca-Cola commercials have always held a special place in my heart. When I was in High School, me and my best friends recreated a Coca-Cola Light commercial for a school project. Whenever I see a Coca-Cola commercial I think of one of those friends who is sadly no longer with us. Therefore, lots of meaning behind this brand for me. Also, Coca-cola was the first client ever to book a campaign on our Transfer channels, and it was the first commercial I’ve ever scheduled in my previous planning-job too. Oh yeah and I have to admit I’m a little bit of a Coca-Cola addict anyway 😉 #AllDayEveryDay #CokeZeroForMe


I wanted to show you a different commercial than the usual Coca-Cola ads we all know. The message this commercial represents is something very inspiring. We could all benefit from a little more kindness, inclusion and openness and this is what Transfer stands for as well. Enjoy these remarkable words and maybe grab a Coke now that you’re thirsty!