Ad’spirational Friday | March

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Transfer inpsired


Buongiorno, come stai? My name is Olisa and I’m the Office Manager at Transfer.

My favourite commercial is a 2013 short movie presented by Prada. It is directed by the brilliant director Wes Anderson.

Perché lo amo così tanto? Why I love this one so much? Allora… Once upon a time in 1955, an American driver crashes with his race car in an Italian town in the middle of nowhere. Nevertheless, he makes the best out of it. The experience of serendipity and coincidence, having the consideration to forgive and the bravery to stay when you feel welcomed by strangers… Although spaghetti probably also has something to do with it.

Va bene, andiamo! Let Wes Anderson take you to the nostalgic village of Castello Cavalcanti. It’s only 7 minutes… Enjoy! 😉