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Christine Vermeulen Transfer

Hi, my name is Christine and I’m an Account Manager at Transfer.

My pick for the #Ad’spirationalFriday is a old-but-gold commercial of Caprice des Dieux. Until 1986 Caprice des Dieux did not leave a very lasting impression. From then on, its commercials evolved into a loving and more family-minded mood. Creating this commercial in 1986, the BDDP agency initiated the turning point that the brand would experience and gave it an incredible upgrade: Caprice des Dieux becomes “Caprice à deux” (Caprice for two). This was the start of a large saga that would occupy the agency for almost 10 years!

This particular commercial depicts humorously in 60″ a couple ready to go above and beyond for a Caprice des Dieux.
Even today this kind of humor is essential in storytelling and the song just underlines the love for cheese. I find it incredible that an idea that germinated 35 years ago is still the go-to of today’s vision of the brand. What a talent !

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