Ad’spirational Friday | January

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Hi, I’m Laetitia, Sales Director at Transfer and this is my Ad’spirational Friyay! 🙂

With only four more days left to this decade, I wanted to show something extraordinary and exclusive: I chose the gorgeous cinematic work of art from l’Odyssée de Cartier. This three and a half min. film took two years in the making with a team of 50 talented people from across the globe. As a team, they all worked together with the same passion: offering a unique moment to escape, inspired by the desire to enchant with visual fireworks, and Cartier as the premium and delicate highlight.

I like the entire combination in this short film: the luxury that comes to live, the jaguar as a true heroine, the imaginary voyage between dream and reality, Paris (one of my favorite cities ever!) and the perfect product placement in a ‘Game of Thrones’-ish type of way. When you see this, you can only love and dare to dream such graceful elegance.

During this enchanting video, you will find yourself in another universe and Cartier succeeds in making people dream for a little while. That’s what great advertising is all about and that’s why I love this so much! #LuxuriousAdvertisement #WorkOfArt