Ad’spirational Friday | February

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Transfer inpsired

Stefan Transfer round GIF

Hello ladies, look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me… My name is Stefan, Head of the Sales Department at Transfer and this is my favorite commercial of all time.

Old spice‘s commercial is simply one you want to see over and over again. It is more than an ad; it is an idea that serves the product perfectly without ever taking the spotlight. Old Spice has the guts to shatter its dusty image and surprise the viewer with its completely quirky and incredibly funny story. The first thing we want to do is share it, and that’s pretty much what a good ad should do. I love this specific commercial because it’s completely crazy, as well in scenario, as in production.

In a world where messages are mixed, you have to be bold and creative. You have to find an original and surprising way to get your message across. Quality takes time, but when it’s done right, everyone craves for more! #HelloLadies #ImYourMan #OldSpice