Ad’spirational Friday | December

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Pascal Transfer

Hello, my name is Pascal and this is my Ad’spirational Friday for December.

It was the American pop singer Andy Wiliams who already said it in 1963: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. It is that time of year again where businesses release their yearly Christmas ads. And I will admit: I’m a sucker for a good Christmas commercial! Whether it’s Coca Cola’s “Holidays are coming” or M&M’s “He does exist!”, I really loooooove them all.

For me this year’s winner is UK’s department store John Lewis. In this heart-warming ad, they  introduce us to little dragon Edgar who lives in a small town. He can’t play with the other children at Christmas because his firey breath keeps melting all the snow and he accidentally sets fire to the town’s Christmas displays #Bummer. With a bit of ingenuity, one girl proves that Edgar’s fire can prove very useful after all. A first class tearjerker with magnificent music from REO Speedwagon, covered by pop band Bastille.

Besides I am a big fan of storytelling long spots. By the way, did you know we apply index 100 (30”) for a strong storytelling long spot? Just give us a call or click here to you would like more information.

A little soon maybe, yet Merry Christmas everyone!