Ad’spirational Friday | August

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Transfer inpsired

Hi there, I am Sam and Junior Account Manager here at Transfer.

First of all: stay fresh!!! This heatwave is brutal, so we have got to stay cool and hydrated. Did you know beer consists for 95% of water? Guess that counts too, right? 😉

For the August edition of the Ad’spirational Friday I picked the Volvo commercial with Jean-Claude Van Damme. Not only am I a huge Jean-Claude fan and watched every single of his movies, the soundtrack of Enya makes the split look easy like cherry pie. This commercial was shot in just one take, which makes the whole scene even more outstanding. Rumour has it Van Damme was pushing those trucks apart with his legs and Chuck Norris was driving both trucks at the same time… Who knows?

Kind of epic? Kind of crazy? Just please don’t try this at home, kids! #WhoKnows? #OnlyTime #AndJCVD #EpicSplit