Ad’spirational Friday | April

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Transfer inpsired

Timo Transfer

Hi, I’m Timo and Planner Manager at Transfer and this is my Ad’spirational Friday.

During these bizarre and isolated Corona-times, it is important that we keep communicating and don’t forget to laugh. This particular commercial of has been my favorite for a while now and it still makes me crack up every time.

My brother introduced me to this ad he received from a friend, eight years ago. The different kind of absurd situations makes it hilarious to watch. The ad is so simple, but kind of brilliant, it’s hard not be persuaded. With almost 27 million views on Youtube it definitely reached  a lot of people. I truly call this a smart advertising strategy and I kind of want to join the club…

“Are the blades any good? No, these blades our f***ing great!” #ShaveTimeShaveMoney