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Mayonnaise Media

By 15/03/2021April 20th, 2021No Comments

The new international division created by Transfer.

As you already know, we’ve been your one and only national thematic sales house for premium television and online video since 2011. We announced our collaboration with France Télévisions at the beginning of 2021. Thanks to this new project supervised by Stefan Hougaerts and Sam De Clerck, Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg advertisers will be able to launch their TV or digital advertising campaign to an international level.

Keeping in mind that Brussels is the capital of Europe, that Belgium is a country that exports its products all over the globe and that many Belgian brands count other countries amongst their most important sales markets, we decided to create a new department. With the establishment of our international department Mayonnaise Media, our focus becomes more than ever: “We make Belgian brands bigger and brighter”. After all, just like different individual ingredients like eggs, mustard, oil and vinegar make one perfect substance, our various international channels form one perfect coherence within Mayonnaise Media.

Mayonnaise Media is the quintessential answer to the scattered international media landscape. The Mayonnaise Media portfolio will expand even further in the future with new international and online channels. Thanks to its wide range, advertisers from the Benelux will be able to reach millions of households in Europe and far beyond.

Special thanks to our very own planner Eline de Chaffoy for the gorgeous design!


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