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TV Plus produces 100% Flemish programs on topics like healthy living, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, happiness and infotainment with a touch of nostalgia. The channel goes deeper into topics related to health and balanced living with shows like “Gelukkig Zijn”, “My Beautiful Life” and “Body Talk”.

Established in 2006, via analogue TV, the channel is now only available through Telenet digital TV on channel 53. On October 1st, a change was made to the shareholder structure of Lumana Media, the operating company behind the TV station, which now allows it to take an autonomous course in the further development and rollout of TV Plus. Several new programs are set to launch this Spring, and TV Plus also has some new faces like Cynthia Reekmans, Martine Prenen, Eva Clockaerts and partners in store.

Transfer - TV PLUS - Sasha Rosen



The channel focuses 100% Flemish infotainment. TV Plus is only available in Flanders with programs such as :

  • My Beautiful Life
  • Body Talk
  • Hello Cox
  • Wonen Plus
  • DYK?
  • B+


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