Studio 100 TV

Studio 100 TV

Studio 100 TV is the one and only national channel for the entire family. Aimed at girls and boys 0-12 years it offers a schedule of cartoons and live shows, produced by the number 1 kids producer in the Benelux, Studio 100. Friendship, nostalgia, music, adventure and humor form the basis of the channel.

Studio 100 TV airs swinging music videos, beautiful shows, adventurous movies and a bunch of success series. The channel offers entertainment for the young, and nostalgia for the parents. Co-viewing with the entire family becomes the best moment of the day.


The channel focuses on local content, that is accessible for a wide audience. Studio 100 TV has a specific approach for both parts of the country, but with a strong conformity.

Studio 100 TV’s programming is based on:

  • Exclusive series such as Lolly Lolbroek, Flin&Flo, Twinipop and Plop & de Peppers
  • Thematic tv-marathons during weekends
  • Music, new videoclips
  • Summer specials
  • New series and episodes on a regular basis.

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