PlattelandsTv is the perfect channel for those who want to enjoy the good, country life. The channel programs its content in four theme's: countrylife, horses, hunting & fishing, agricultural professions. Furthermore PlattelandsTv also broadcasts nature documentaries from prestigious suppliers such as BBC.

PlattelandsTv is part of the basic Telenet Digital Tv and Proximus Tv packages. It is found on channel 22 (Telenet) and channel 95 (Proximus). In Brussels you can watch the channelĀ on channel 116 at Telenet.


The channel unites four themes with their proper names:

  • 'Boerenstebuiten' brings reports on everything regarding agriculture and gardening.
  • 'HippoTv' zooms in one horseriding, breeding and recreation.
  • 'Jacht & Visvangst' is devoted to hunting and fishing.
  • 'Countrylife' focusses on everything that lives and moves on the counrtyside.

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