Eleven/Eleven Sports

Eleven/Eleven Sports

Eleven Sports is a worldwide sports network that broadcasts international sports of word class. It brings sport and lifestyle entertainment of national and international allure. In both Flanders and Wallonia, viewers can enjoy more than 2.000 hours of live sports. In addition to that, Eleven broadcasts news, elaborate analysis, digital content and programming adjusted to the local needs. On Belgian screens, the content is locally produced, with Dutch or French speaking commentators. Eleven thus offers local content with international quality as a standard.

Eleven Sports broadcasts the best international sports. They focus mostly on football, but nevertheless offer a platform for hockey, tennis, basketball, triathlon and many more sports. As the channel wants to fulfill the needs off their viewers, the local team knows what the viewer wants and tries to adapt programming to their needs as much as possible.


Eleven Sports broadcasts international live matches from different leagues, such as La Liga, Ligue 1 and the Emirates Cup. Furthermore, the channel programs documentaries, and national and international cups of a wide range of sports.

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