Transfer was created as a joint venture between Fox Networks Group (FNG) and the local managers Birgitta De Smet and Koenraad Deridder. Fox Networks Group (FNG) is a primary operating unit of 21st Century Fox. FNG consists of FOX Television Group, which includes FOX Broadcasting Company and 20th Century Fox Television; FOX Cable Networks, which includes FX Networks; FOX Sports Media Group, and National Geographic Partners. Together these units create, program and distribute on a worldwide basis much of America’s most popular entertainment, sports and nonfiction programming. You can find more information on the Fox website:

Launching in November 2011 with only 6 employees, Transfer was established as the one and only commercial sales house for thematic television and video in Belgium. We are the one stop shop for buying combination packages of the most important thematic channels in Belgium. We service channels owned by major Belgian and international media groups like A+E, Concentra, Eleven Sports Network, Fox Networks Group, Ment, NTV, Professional Media Group, Stingray, Turner, Viacom, Viceland and XITE. Since 2017 we are the proud partner of TF1. You can find all of our channels here.



Transfer is the fastest growing media sales house in revenues in Belgium for multiple years in a row (Source: Nielsen Adstat, Jan-Jun 2017 versus same period 2016). We continue to bring premium content to premium campaigns. That’s the power of TV and that’s the power of Transfer.

Transfer already won numerous awards like “Best Belgian Sales House for Television” by the United Media Agencies (UMA) and the Gold AMMA as “Best Belgian Media Saleshouse”. Illustrating our excellence in non-spot projects like ‘Behind The Science’ or ‘Vennbahn’, we also won creative AMMA’s, Epica, CCB, BOA, Euprio (best European communication for universities and high schools) and Das Goldene Stadttor (best worldwide communication in travel).

After 6 productive years, Birgitta and Koenraad decided to leave the company in good hands with a new board of directors. Michel Dupont as Managing Director, Olivier Vandermeule as Research Director, Laetitia De Dycker as Sales Director and Eline Hereygers as Head of Planning fulfilled their new Transfer role starting from March 2018. Today the Transfer-family brings together more than 20 people!


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